Saturday, August 20, 2011


Isn't It Annoying ...

... When you're forced to sit through a boring meeting
and, try as you  might, you can't help nodding off!!

... When you're trying to conduct a very important meeting
and yet the participants keep falling asleep!!

Things  you can do if you find yourself falling asleep in meetings:
* Play Meeting Bingo (note: use at your own risk)
* Search the internet for tips on staying awake (there's no shortage of advice - everything from peeling oranges to visiting the loo unnecessarily to biting your finger to sticking a pen into your thigh!?!)
* If all else fails, get yourself the Inflatable Pillow Tie - marketing slogan (I'm not making this up!) "Why suffer from the embarrassing imprint of your spiral bound notepad whilst asleep at meetings, when you can rest your head on your own inflatable necktie?". Apparently it has a valve in the back you can use to inflate it. See for yourself:

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