Friday, October 7, 2011


Isn't It Annoying...

...That the watched pot never boils,
but the I-Just-Looked-Away-For-A-Second pot
instantly burns!!!


Some people strongly believe that the intent with which you watch a pot makes all the difference to whether the pot boils or not. This set of people aren't just your everyday ordinary crackpots (pun intended) - they're Quantum Physicists, and they study how the process of continuous observation can essentially freeze changes to a sytem from it's initial state, prevent unstable particles and states from decaying, and generally suppress the time evolution caused by quantum decoherence. The scientific name for this phenomena is (drumroll) The-Watched-Pot-Never-Boils-Effect (!) otherwise also known as the Quantum Zeno Effect. This effect is already being put into use to develop quantum switches that will someday lead to quantum routers that will make possible some kind of quantum internet in the future. At least one scientist has proposed that the Quantum Zeno Effect might be what's behind the Mind-Brain connection...

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