Friday, November 18, 2011


Isn't It Annoying...

...When that alarm clock goes off right in the middle of that beautiful dream you were having (and trying to hang on to)?

* Greeks, Romans, Chinese, ... looks like just about everyone throughout history has invented (or tried to invent) some form of an alarm clock. Apparently the eternal conflict between wanting to sleep in and needing to wake up is as old as civilization ...
* During World War II the manufacture of alarm clocks was put on hold, but the resulting shortage had such a tangible impact on productivity that the U.S. Government had to step in to re-commission their production with strict price controls in place.
* Just how popular (or necessary) are alarm clocks? At the time of writing this, this one clock has cracked the top 100 best-seller gizmo list on Amazon (just ahead of an iPod nano!) ...

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