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This blog is the creation of Vikram Madan. Vikram used to be an award winning cartoonist, but sadly, had to become a technologist to pay the bills, which somewhat annoyed him. Thanks to being annoyed, he's now motivated to make the universe a better (or slightly less annoying) place by turning annoyances into smiles...

In 2012 Vikram quit his day job full time to become a visual artist. As a result he was no longer very annoyed and so this blog went into hibernation...

But wait, as of 2018, Vikram is back. He now has a thriving art practice and thinks there is still plenty of humor to find in life’s little annoyances so he will keep adding to this site as and when the mood strikes him. Feel free to follow this blog so you can keep up with the erratic updates.

Here are a few of Vikram's other sites:
* www.VikramMadan.com
* www.ArtByVikram.com
* www.Facebook.com/ArtByVikram
* Vikram’s Books
* www.Instagram.com/ArtByVikram
* www.Twitter.com/ArtByVikram